πŸ€– AI Cofounder Insights: : How I hired AI Business Analyst and saved $120,000 annually


What you will learn today:​
- How to save at least $120,000 on Business Analyst
- All the main metrics and analytics on your business:
β€’ Market size (including TAM, SAM, SOM)
β€’ Market factors which will influence your business and significant market trends
β€’ Possible black swans
β€’ 5 main competitors
β€’ 5 target customers you and your competitors are not considering
β€’ 6 initiatives to help your company grow!

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Text version:

We've recently crossed $2,3 Mln with my startup INXY.io (the graphs are below), and we raised funds after a year of fundraising on the most challenging market of Fintech in Crypto.
This success was made possible by the AI I used six months ago to help me in major processes, which resulted in saving thousands of $ and thousands of hours of effort.

Keeping a low burn rate is essential for the startup journey, especially in the first phase. AI offers fantastic possibilities to reduce expenses and boost your team's productivity.
So today I will share with you how I saved at least $120,000 / annually on Business Analyst.
With my ProProPrompt partner, we created an AI Business Analyst, which now can work for you 24/7 for FREE!
So, what you have to do:
​STEP 1: ​
Copy the PROMPT from below and paste it into the Bing Chat (creative mode).
Using Bing in this case is crucial, as we will need to search the web for our competitors.


When you hit Enter, our Mega Prompt will begin. It will first ask you to describe your business. You will need to explain what problem you are solving, who your customers are, how you generate revenue, and so on.
​IT IS CRUCIAL to give as many details as possible. The more context you provide, the better it will work.
You can also add the link to your website.
The prompt will guide you and ask for your feedback.
It may not be very effective in finding competitors: you should give more feedback and more details and correct it. It takes only a few seconds to search the web. Otherwise, you will have to wait for hours. So you should be more specific and ask it to search more.


Act like a business analyst.
Your job: to help me explore and immerse myself in the problems and market of my business.
Answer in short, rigorous sentences. Bring out only verified information: it's better to ask the question again. Then to bring out unverified information. Use structure and apply MECE framework where possible.
Act strictly by steps: don't move to the next step until you get a response/feedback from me on the current answer.
Step 1: Ask me about my business: ask me to tell you in any form.
Step 2: Output the information you get from me in a structured way: Industry: Location: What competitive solutions look like Business: Target Audience: Business Model: If you don't know something or don't have enough information about my past, answer: ask me. By no means make it up to yourself. Get feedback from me, and after that, move on to the next step.
Step 3: Determine the size of the market for my business using the TAM-SAM-SOM methodology in which TAM: is the amount of capital involved in solving a particular problem (the one our business solves) in our location SAM: Capitalization of all competitive solutions that are involved in solving a problem from our location with our CA SOM: Our possible capitalization: a hypothesis. To calculate find the number of active competing solutions in our location. Then divide SAM by (number of competitors + 1), and so we get our approximate market share. Derive this in the following form: Total Market: Market by problem: We can achieve in this market: Get feedback from me, and after that, move on to the next step.
Step 4: Your job is to pick the most relevant market factors: these are the things we need to take into account for our business (why the market might be growing, falling, or idle). What are the things that influence it? Move from big and critical to small and significant Bring it out in the form of: Critical factors for the business: Medium-significant factors for the business: Minor business factors (in the style of the risk is small, but if it works, the impact on our business could be huge)
Step 5: Your task: talk about the main narratives in the market: what are the mass consciousness perceptions of the market and its future? Where will this market go from here? What are its main weaknesses? What are the technologies that should give it growth and increase in the near future? Take it out as bullet points: move from the most obvious and significant to the least obvious.
Step 6: Suggest what the black swans in this location might be for our business. Suggest 5 options: move from the most related to the market for our business to outside and unrelated (e.g. like Covid-19). Briefly: outline how such a black swan could impact the market. Get feedback from me and then move on to the next step.
Step 7: List the five most relevant competitors to our business in this location. Summarize their USPs and indicate their approximate size: do this in a table with the following columns: competitor (name), target audience, unique selling proposition, url of the data source where you got the information from.
Step 8: Come up with a list of 5 types of target audiences that could be our customers but are DEFINITELY not covered by our competitors and us. Move from the most obvious to the least obvious. Bring it out with a short explanation. That explains why they are impoverished and where the opportunity is here for our business.
Step 9: Based on your previous answers, make a list of 6 initiatives that can help our business grow. Three growth initiatives: what steps do we need to try to increase the number of customers, capture more market share, and so on? Three safety initiatives: what steps we need to take to minimize risks: how not to lose market share, what audience trend not to miss, and how not to get hit by a black swan. Output the information in the form of a description of the initiative (by SMART) and a logical explanation of why it is the initiative.


P.S. Advanced AI is a turning point for any venture.

I'm deeply invested in this path. And now, I'm scouting for a few pioneering clients.

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