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🤖AI Insights: Embracing the Future: Insights into AI Entrepreneurship with Ankur Patel

Published 8 months ago • 1 min read


Hello Reader, I hope your weekend is great, and you will find time to learn something new.

Great news: the second podcast episode is finally live. It is about the future of AI and how to find co-founders and build a business for the long term.

I've made it with Ankur Patel,

He is the CEO and Founder of Multimodal, a NYC-based generative AI startup with a strong focus on workplace automation. With a rich background in leading AI startups such as Glean AI and R-Squared Macro, his expertise spans various domains, including natural language processing, unsupervised learning, data science, and finance.
Ankur was the co-founder and Head of ML at Glean AI, and the VP of Data Science at 7Park Data, which Vista Equity Partners acquired. Ankur ran data science in NYC for the Israeli AI firm ThetaRay, co-founded and ran a macro hedge fund, R-Squared Macro, and started his career as a fixed-income trader at Bridgewater.

We covered the following topics:​
• The future of AI
• Why B2B in AI is a BIG thing
• How to find the right co-founders
• How to find the right balance in life
• How to stay focused and avoid burning out
And much more...
Here is the link to watch it on YouTube:

video preview​

Here is the link to the Podcast on all platforms (Spotify, Apple podcasts, etc):

All other platforms:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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