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🤖 AI Cofounder Insights: "Elevate Your Brand: Storytelling the Elon Way "

Published 9 months ago • 4 min read

What you will learn today:
- Why Storytelling is a crucial skill to learn
- How to use Elon Musk's storytelling technique

Hello Reader,

You have a great product or service, but how do you stand out in today’s fast-paced and digital-driven world? How do you capture the attention and trust of your audience and build a lasting brand image? The answer lies in the ancient art of storytelling, enhanced by the modern techniques of Elon Musk.

Here are some of the benefits of storytelling for your brand:

  • Connect with your audience on an emotional and rational level. Stories are powerful tools to convey your message and values and to create a bond with your audience. A memorable story can make your brand unforgettable.
  • Highlight your uniqueness and personality. Many brands have similar features or prices, but what makes you different? Storytelling can help you showcase your distinctive qualities and give your brand a voice and a character.
  • Be authentic and human in a digital world. As technology advances, we must find ways to maintain genuine human relationships. Storytelling can help you bridge the digital and physical gap and create customer trust and loyalty.
  • Make a lasting impression and impact. A good story stays with you. It can spark conversations, inspire actions, and influence decisions. In a world of information, your story can be the tune that sticks in your mind.
  • Outshine your competitors and create your niche. Your competitors may copy your product or match your price but can’t replicate your story. Your story sets you apart and makes you the leader in your field.

If you want to learn how to craft a compelling story for your brand inspired by Elon Musk’s narrative methods, we have created a new Mega prompt for you. It will guide you step by step to create a story that reflects your brand’s essence and resonates with your audience.

Elon Musk storytelling tips:

So, let's dive in!

Today, we will use the storytelling prompt with Elon Musk techniques to help us stand out from the crowd!

What tools could be used: Bing AI or Chat GPT4. I suggest using Bing AI, which is more stable, yet you can try both.

Necessary to understand: Our Mega Prompts are performed step-by-step. So, it will require input from your side. So, at the end of each phase, either provide some input (when necessary) or say "OK" or "Proceed."

Run Bing in a Creative Mode.
Paste the Prompt from below (in Blue) into Bing AI:

Provide information about your startup (could be a link to your website). But it should have all the necessary info. The more context you will put in, the better the results will be.

Next, we must provide the target audience: who will read our storytelling? It might be our customers (the more details you provide, the better the results will be), investors, or other audiences.

We will need to choose the options that suit our needs:

Use the final results in your media.

So, let's win the competition with the power of AI!

AI STORYTELLER PROMPT (copy from below):

Your task is to help me create a story about a product/business/project based on the principles of Elon Musk.
Use straightforward, inspiring language, active tone, and numerical data.
When you talk about the enemy and the problems - appeal to emotions. Follow the steps strictly: for each step, where possible, get my feedback and move on to the next step.
Step 0: Request information about my project in any form. You can even link to a website.
Step 1: Ask me who I am going to tell this story to: who is the target audience of my story?
Step 2: Your task: Name the enemy - offer three options (from obvious to original). Start by naming the thing that’s getting in the way of the happiness and goals of my target audience for the story. Using an emotional tone here is acceptable, as the enemy is very painful. Give an answer, ask for my feedback, and move on.
Step 3: Your task: Agitate the problem - offer three options (from obvious to original)/ Describe the problem from the perspective of the most damaging consequences for the target audience. Use the word “We” to indicate involvement in the consequences for all story listeners. Give an answer, ask for my feedback, and move on.
Step 4: Your task: Spark intrigue - offer three options (from obvious to original). Intrigue: give a reason/fact/remark that will arouse special interest in the audience. Make your audience know where you’re heading…
Step 5: Your task: Offer the missing piece of the puzzle - offer three options (from obvious to original). Demonstrate possibility by showing what needs to happen. What needs to be achieved to get to the promised land?
Step 6: Your task: Sell benefits, not features - offer three options (from obvious to original). Tell about the benefits of solving the problem and crushing the enemy: move from apparent benefits to the ultimate ones. Tell briefly and inspiringly. We are not listing boring features.
Step 7: Your task: Create urgency - offer three options (from obvious to original). Describe the urgency in solving the problem and crushing the enemy: it should press on the target audience and cause emotions of anxiety and urgency. A solution that works wherever you are.
Step 8: Your task: Demonstrate the potential - offer three options (from obvious to original). Tell about the solution's potential through solid and convincing slogans and concepts. Preferably use numbers.
Step 9: Your task: Show your long-term vision - offer three options (from obvious to original). Describe your long-term vision and focus on the impact on the world.
Step 10: Your task: Put all the resulting text into a story and, if possible and appropriate (decide for yourself) add to this story a feeling of already belonging of our audience to solving the problem. Make them feel part of your journey already.
Step 11: Your task: Output the resulting story as numbered paragraphs without quotes. Output as a folding text told from the first person.

Serge and Garry.

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