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πŸ€–AI Insights: Tired of Distractions? Discover Tools that Transform Your Day.

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Hello Reader,

I was shooting two series for my Podcast with a great creator - a 22-year-old entrepreneur in the AI sphere - Paul Couvert, and Ankur Patel - an entrepreneur with 15 years of relevant experience in AI and ML.
The first one will be released the following week.

But today, we will discuss Distraction Management. I believe it is one of the most essential skills you must master nowadays.

You will learn today:​
β€’ 5 best tools to fight distractions and improve your focus, which I use daily.

Here are some stats that highlight the importance of the problem:

1). As many as 79% of workers feel distracted during a workday, and 68% of people don’t believe they have enough uninterrupted focus time during their day

2). When we are being interrupted, it takes us more than 25 minutes to return to our task

3). 62% of workers in the US, UK, and Australia believe that minimizing distractions in their office is essential for conducting business

4). Distractions can double the chance of making an error at work

The five best tools I use daily.

I've prepared a short guide to the 5 best tools I use daily to fight distractions and improve my productivity. (none of them are affiliated)

I've also recorded a short video for each one of them.

1. Freedom App (

One of the most effective tools to block any distractions. I use it daily. Remember to set up everything: which apps and websites should be blocked.

Over 2,500,000 users worldwide. Freedom users report gaining 2.5 hours of productive time each day.
β€’ Blocks all distractions: websites or apps on your PC/MAC/iOs/Android
β€’ Can be fully customized
β€’ Support schedules

​Video Guide​

2. Focus Mode (Mac Users / iOs Users)

Integrated feature into all macOS and Apple devices. Vital for survival in the current environment)

β€’ Allow you to block all notifications across all Apple devices
β€’ You can add the exceptions (family members in case of emergency, Tax authorities)
​Video Guide​

3. Endel App (

Personalized soundscapes that adapt in real-time to help you focus, relax, and sleep.
β€’ Help to boost your creativity and focus by x7 (according to the research), decrease stress by 3.6x, 95% longer, and more consistent focus.
β€’ Help to fall asleep (there is a daily Nap mode as well)
β€’ Four main modes: Ralax, Focus, Sleep, Activity.
I regularly use Focus and Sleep.

​Video Guide ​

4. Brain FM App (

Another great app to boost your creativity. But it is based on the Music.
β€’ Dozens of genres, like acoustic, classic, electronic, lo-fi, post-rock, etc.
β€’ Deep work: deep work, learning, creativity modes
β€’ Relax: recharge, chill, unguided meditation modes
β€’ Deep sleep and power nap
I regularly use Focus modes: Creative and Deep Work. As for sleep - I prefer Endel for it.
It is also highly effective with ADHD people.
​Video Guide​

5. Momentum Plug-in (

This is my favorite plugin for browsers. It transforms your New Page into a focused, productive, and inspiring dashboard.

β€’ Notes
β€’ To-Do List
β€’ Soundscapes
β€’ Time, temperature
β€’ Inspirational quotes

So, everything you need in one place)
​Video Guide​

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Have a wonderful weekend,
Yours, Serge Kuznetsov

P.S. My DMs are always open - if you have any inquiries, requests, or support - please feel free to write me!

SmartTech Corp, 919 North Market Street Suite 950, Wilmington, Delaware 19801
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